Sunday, January 4, 2009

more organizing

I also have another CTMH My Acrylix container for my unmounted stamps. I keep them in cd jewel cases. This works awesome for me. I really don't have very many unmounted rubber stamps so I don't label the cases but I will do that one day.   

This is how I keep all of my eyelets and brads..the picture isn't very good but It's a magnetic board from ikea and all my eyelets/brads/spiral clips etc. are in little CTMH plastic containers with magnets glued to the back. They are really easy to find and use this way. 

Below my magnetic board are several little jars that hold my buttons and flowers

This is how I keep my ribbon that is not on spools. I bought the medium sized fiber cards from cropper hopper and the shelf is from Michael's craft store. It works really well. 
Below in baskets are super small CTMH ribbon spools that I'm not sure how to organize yet and in the little canister I keep my waxy flax. 

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Cindy Haffner said...

Great organizing, TFS.